Follower of the goddess of Light and Reason


Ultimate father figure, Daemon cares deeply about the humans in his city and the odd traveler that catches his curiosity. He is the only vampire who can freely walk through the day, but only because of his strong spiritual connection to his goddess. It has been revealed to the party that he has some control over sunlight – enough to subject a non-vampiric elf to a sunburn within moments – but seems to have no other abilities. He is a cool head on the recently formed (60 years) vampire council, though the other masters seem to have more power than he. He is one of the oldest, however, and his predictions and warnings usually come true. He was one of the driving forces for the formation of the vampire council, and would soon be the leader of the council if not for the other master’s pride.

Another feature to his character that the other masters see as a weakness is how few children he has. In fact, he has only turned Rune, with Caroline being a human companion – his term. Human Servant, as the others would call their significant others, seems entirely too objectifying for him. Rune, however, has turned many a child – mostly on accident – but even still, their coven is the smallest of the Fount Masters’.



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