Pale Child

Mini-boss, Coriander the Bad

The session started with Moonshadow, a Drow previously unknown to the party, walking up next to the group as they entered the ice-lake-cave. Moonshadow had been compelled to this region by his deity, and had been taking shelter in the caves, while scouting the area and attempting to gain posession of the sword the vampires were mining for. While not a stealthy character, per se, Moonshadow was able to evade detection by the vampires for the simple fact that the vast majority were… well, not all there, mentally.

As the party confronted the newcomer, everyone but Hannah and Mimsy had an immediate dislike for Moonshadow for the simple fact that he was Drow, with Mimsy thinking that the strange creature would taste very yummy. As Frumius , in the guise of Pedo bear equipped with a boombox playing the linked song due to a critical failure, succeeded in a concentration roll to turn himself and Mimsy both into tigers, Moonshadow found himself being threatened – “I won’t hurt you, but my tiger is hungry.” Thinking quickly, Moonshadow threw two steaks, one in front of each tiger, and pointed out to the party that he had been scouting the area and could help them. After accepting charmed chocolate from Melvor, making him a “trusted friend and ally,” the deal was sealed, Moonshadow was added to the “whisper” spell, and the group entered the main mining room of the cave.

Once inside, a “cutscene” showed a dragon/woman encased in ice on the far side of the cavern, one hand already excavated and the other gripping a familiar sword. Moonshadow identified the woman as the Twilight Warrior, and Hannah whispered to Clairce “Are you the pale child?!” Her only response was “Mamma,” as she disappeared from the group, moving to cling to the ceiling, undetected.

Hannah critically failed her sneak check, causing her to run to the middle of the enterance and scream “I’m right here! Wow, it’s so PRETTY!” Coriander (the main bad guy) addressed Hannah and attempted to convince her to help with the mining operation to “free” the Twilight Warrior, thinking that “their goddess” had sent her. Frumius’s squirrel vhenemently did NOT want the Twilight Warrior “freed,” but the rest of the party was conflicted. With Hannah’s only advantage disabled, she picked up one of the enchanted pickaxes and approached Coriander – with the intent of learning how to use the axe, then stabbing the master vampire. Unfortunately, the rest of the party was unaware of her scheme, and Frumius cast Tasha’s hideous laughter, thinking that she’d betray them. As combat started, Coriander proved a worthy advasary, even after being pounced by Mimsy. The ice-elf-vampires’ magic missiles proved useless against Frumius who had cast Sheild, and soon Melvor as well. With everyone else out of range, or otherwise disabled, Moonshadow took the opportunity to timestop and attempt to break the ice around the sword of legend. Getting halfway through, he soon found the attempt too hard and dangerous, and instead moved to loot some piles of precious stones and metals, completely ignoring the group’s attempt at combat.

Several breath attacks by Coriander later, with Mimsy keeping him on the ropes and Dr. Wong summoning lightning, Coriander fled. Frumius used trueseeing and saw that, without magic, the entire cave system was actually a large lake, but was specifically devoid of either the lavamen or the ice people from the God’s plane. Hannah’s sense of humor was returned to it’s normal state, and Clarice appeared before the woman trapped in ice. Taking a pickaxe, which she had previously scolded Hannah for using, she struck the block of ice where Moonshadow had been picking. This released a deluge of water, which quickly froze again, trapping Mimsy and several of the other bad guys.

As the flood eased, Clarice was revealed in the middle of the cavern with the Twilight Warrior’s head in her lap. A strange fire-elemental separated himself from Frumius and walked to the two, and a touching family reunion took place in an ancient language. The magic users, who have spells to understand all language, heard the Twilight Warrior mention something about “Relinquishing the power to you,” addressing Clarice. Just then, Coriander re-appeared and thrust his sword through the Twilight Warrior’s chest, thus “freeing” her. As she rotted away, Clarice, enraged, took the sword of legend and cut Coriander in half. Immediately, the three remaining “slave master” vampires burst into dust, and the ice-elf-vampires, that the party had been intending to rescue, ceased whatever they had been doing. Frumius heard a door slamming in his head.

Frumius attempted a command undead spell to see if the ice elves were still vampiric – they all turned to him, waiting orders. Dispelling, the group set about looting. Several nice coats and boots were found, as well as beautiful gemstones and the very rare blood-metal. As they did this, Rune went to all the ice-elf-vamipres and kissed them, binding them to him and giving them some of his own essence, and Clarice remained where she had been and started to be consumed by the ice, seeming to become emaciated before their eyes. Soon, both Mimsy and Clarice were freed from the ice, with Moonshadow and Melvor using fire spells on Clarice to return some of her energy. Just then, the party heard creaking, and the walls started leaking water – the magic keeping everything frozen had been dispelled.

Frumius drew a circle, gathered everyone within (Mimsy noticed that Clarice was lighter than normal as she picked her up), and cast greater teleportation. Finding themselves just outside the ring of mountains surrounding the lake, Clarice stared southward – towards the half of the sword that the party had already found. Hannah and Frumius noticed that Clarice was starting to look very familiar (the creature in the crater of the forbidden mountain), and Hannah confronted her, “You’re her.” Clarice either didn’t understand, or was too distressed, and simply replied with “Mamma.”

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